On the 5th of May, Maoists all over the world celebrated the 200th Birthday of Karl Marx. Contributing to the international campaign on this occasion, Maoists in the FRG and other parts of the world, hoisted flags with Hammer and Sickle in the streets, buildings, squares and popular neighborhoods and whereever our class is present. A particularly outstanding action in Germany was made in the City of Karl Marx’ birth,  the City of Trier. Both, at Marx’ place of birth, as well as at the house he lived in, the Maoists hoisted their flag amidst challenging circumstances: Whereas Trier usually is not the point of focus for either great country wide attention nor the international spotlight, on this very day all kinds of bourgeoisie, revisionist, fascist and repressive forces converged on Trier to – in one way or another – soil the tremendous accomplishments of Marx. The action, which we received some information and footage about, was a blow to this attempt.

Only a few hours before the new museum site, located inside the House of Marx’ birth, was to be reopend with attendance of the Andrea Nahles (head of the Social Democractic Party), Kurt Beck (former Social Democratic minister) and guests like well-known TV host Günther Jauch, Maoists put up flags fixated with chains on the front of the building.

marx haus

In a second action, a flag was hoisted on the house Karl Marx lived in – not even 150 meters away from the Karl Marx statue, guarded by police, that was given to the City of Trier by social-imperialist China and to be unveiled the very same day by the Chinese Ambassador to Germany and a who-is-who of selected guests.

marx haus2

All this, amidst a heightened state of alert due to the attendance of former Chechen president Václav Klaus, who came to preach against Marx, and manifestations by fascists and anti-fascists both on the day before Karl Marx’ Birthday and the day itself.


More reports on actions carried out by various forces in Germany soon to be published.