The contradictions in Iraqi Kurdistan have come to a head in recent weeks. The people are rebelling against the corrupt ruling parties, which are dominated primarily by the two extended families Barsani and Talabani.

Partly because public sector salaries have not been paid since April, there have been militant protests against the rulers, particularly in the eastern Sulaymania region. As a result, party and government buildings there have been set on fire.

The ruling parties Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) are reacting with the utmost severity, including firing live ammunition at demonstrators. By Friday, at least 10 people had already been killed. Killed by the same pesherm gas soldiers who were trained and equipped by Germany, among others, for use against the Islamic State. The repression has been supplemented by travel and demonstration bans imposed, and the Internet has been blocked. The opposition reports more than 400 arrests.

Once again, it is clear that there is no liberation in dependence on imperialism. The PKK, which in left-wing circles is hyped up as the great hope and alternative in the Kurdish struggle for freedom, also shows here, on balance, understanding for the semi-feudal rule over its Iraqi siblings: "The demands of the demonstrators are legitimate, but arson attacks on party buildings only benefit the enemies of the Kurds, the PKK warned at the same time against possible provocations by the Turkish secret service."iraqi kurdistan map 2017 disputed territories control