Militarily, U.S. imperialism has largely failed in its goal of wresting Syria from Russian imperialism and expanding its own dominance. However, the fact that the regime under Assad has regained control over large parts of the country is no reason for the Yankees to give up completely. As recently as June 2020, in the midst of the Corona Pademie, they imposed the „Caesar Act“. It means economic sanctions on any person or company around the world doing business, of any kind, with Syria.


Since then, the Syrian lira plummeted yet again, and prices for staples such as rice, wheat, and bulgur tripled. In the words of U.S. propaganda, the embargo is intended to "force the government of Bashar al-Assad to stop its murderous attacks on the Syrian people." It's a justification that the U.S. always trots out when it comes to embargoes, and it's extremely cynical. While the elites easily find ways to undermine such sanctions, the masses of the people suffer immensely from them. This was also evident after the second Gulf War in Iraq. At that time, Denis Halliday, the coordinator of UN aid in Iraq, resigned from his post with the explanation that U.S. sanctions were killing 4000 to 5000 Iraqi children every month. In Syria, the World Food Program warns of impending famine. Runaway inflation has made protective masks and disinfectants also unaffordable for many Syrians. This demonstrates the current tendency of Yankee imperialism that if it cannot achieve its goals, it will at least impoverish and balkanize the oppressed nations to the point that its imperialist competitors cannot fully achieve their goals either. Moreover, such an economic war is also intended to serve as a deterrent signal to other states that do not want to fit into the U.S. world order.Syrische Lira zu Euro