On Sunday, April 4, several companies of the reactionary security forces of the old Indian state were ambushed by the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army, killing at least 22 reactionary forces.
The attack occurred in Bijapur district of Chattisgarh. After receiving intelligence information of Maoist forces being in the area the reaction iniciated a search and destroy operation, deploying 1.500 to 2.000 personnel of the District Reserve Guard (DRG), Cobra Forces, the Special Task Forces (STF) and the Central Reserve Police Forces(CRPF) to clear the area.
In the further course of the operation, a team of reactionary security forces comprising at least 400 personnel was ambushed in hilly terrain of the rainforest, near Jonaguda village. According to various bourgeois Indian media, the 1st Battalion of the PLGA surrounded the reactionary forces from three sides after the initial contact of fire, trapping them in their position.
Through the use of light machine guns (LMGs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the PLGA combatants were able to suppress the use of helicopters by the reaction and inflict heavy casualties on them. After initial assessments of the over five hours lasting encounter, the reaction announced that the PLGA managed to kill at least 22 members of the security forces, injuring more than 30 and confiscating countless weapons, ammunition and equipment.
The bourgeois media partly contradict each other in their statements on the number of Maoist combatants killed in the encounter; the published figures range from 2 to 12 dead Maoists.
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