As former U.S. President Trump agreed back in February 2020, all U.S. troops are to be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

His successor, President Biden, is now implementing this. From May 1, the withdrawal of troops from the country is to begin and is to be completed by September 11 - the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The United States decides this not only for itself but also for all NATO partners, which once again underlines its hegemonic position in the world and thus also in this alliance of imperialists.

The occupation of Afghanistan by US troops began in October 2001 with the official justification of taking revenge on Osama bin Laden because he was given shelter and not extradited. After the assassination of Osma Bin Laden, the imperialists justified their occupation with the "struggle for democracy and the emancipation of women".

At present about 10,000 foreign soldiers occupy Afghanistan, 1000 of them are Bundeswehr soldiers from Germany. Because the Yankees are withdrawing from the country, the occupation is no longer tenable for the other imperialists either. The Yankee troops provide the most important part of the logistics for the ISAF troops. Other imperialist powers, such as the FRG, rely on Yankee logistics and combat support and can no longer sustain their own occupation with their withdrawal.

During the time of occupation by the imperialists, various crimes and massacres have been carried out against the Afghan people, which have only fueled the hatred of imperialism. Here, an example from October 23, 2018, may be cited as an example. During a night raid, three houses were stormed and 14 civilians, including children, were killed.

For the Afghan people, the occupation of their country and the struggle against it has been a long agony. Russian social imperialism occupied Kabul as early as 1979. The occupation lasted until 1989. During this period, the Taliban were supported by the Yankees, among others, with weapons and presented as defenders of freedom against "communism". The Afghan people have always resisted the occupation because the situation in which the Afghan people find themselves due to imperialism is terrible and through oppression the masses are driven into the ranks of those who fight against imperialism. In this case, these are the Taliban and not the Communist Party. This leads to the fact that the Afghan people do not come to their freedom in the end, but fall under the rule of warlords.

This is because the Taliban represent the local landlord class, which follows its own interests. They finance their struggle through the opium trade, among other things, and thus poison the masses.

Despite the reactionary nature of the Taliban, after 20 years of military intervention, spending over a trillion dollars, and 2,300 fallen soldiers, the U.S. has failed to establish a puppet government that operates according to its wishes. 50% of Afghan territory is in the hands of the Taliban and "democratic Afghanistan" will collapse like a house of cards without its imperialist masters on the ground.