After a military operation in the rural district of Kurşunlu (Pirejman) in the Diyarbakir district of south-eastern Turkey, a fire broke out on the foothills of Mount Görese on 1st of June. With the influence of the wind, it spread to two villages in another district.

While the endangered villagers raised the alarm and tried to extinguish the fire with their means, the military, although fully aware of the situation, did not intervene, but relaxed and enjoyed looking at the peasants struggling for their existence. As a result, the fire has still not been affected and has burnt down the entire forest on Mount Görese. The peasants' villages and their land are thus in serious danger. The bourgeois press also sabotaged the reporting from there, so the villagers used a social media account to draw attention to their situation and denounce the crime of the Turkish state:

"There is false news on social media, We can't see anyone, there are no officials. All the arriving bosses and soldiers are watching us and enjoying tea. [...] We all know very well the cause of the fire, but unfortunately it is being covered up. No news channel is reflecting the truth..."

"Shame on that [...] What kind of country are we living in; where is this governor of Elazığ, where are these deputies, where is this prefect of Aricak? Will the authorities come when the people are burnt?"