In the following we want to give a short brief on some further actions, suspected carried out by the New People´s Army (NPA).



On June 15, two police officers from Butuan City Police Office Station 4 (BCPO-4) were detained by suspected members of the NPA and later executed at a nearby farm. It is to be assumed that the two policemen had previously been sentenced to death for their crimes by a people's court. The subsequent combing operation initiated by the reaction was without any success. 1



On June 20, suspected combatants attacked an industrial large-scale agricultural enterprise in Malimono, Surigao del Norte, which breeding shrimps. According to the Philippines News Agency, the owner of the farm has previously refused to comply with the payment of a revolutionary levy.


"The still undetermined number of NPA insurgents took a worker to the prawn pond and ordered the opening of water gates of at least five ponds."


The caused damage to the bourgeois is estimated with approximately 175,000 Us Dollar. 2