In the following we publish the editorial of the 17th issue of the magazine "People's March" from India, titled "Covid second wave: Life get bad to worse".1


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Covid second wave: Life get bad to worse

Coronavirus started its second wave disaster in the country. There are more than 4 lakhs positive cases for day comparatively to first wave which are one lakh cases. Those are about five thousand deaths daily first week of May in the country. Which many differ with government official count. The WHO, in its world health statistics report, said that as of December 31,2020, COVID-19 had infected over 82 million people and killed more than 1.8 million worldwide. The report said total number of global” Excess deaths” directly and indirectly amount to at least 3 million, 1.2 million higher than the official figures. In our country lack of hospitals to COVID patients, no proper facilities, regular beds and non-availability of doctors have created havoc situation in the country. COVID patients are treating on the hospital floors and corridors of hospitals. Mortality on lack of oxygen cylinder, when the oxygen distribution system collapsed and patient died in their critical care beds are leading to pathetic situation. People are facing problems for the cremation of COVID patients. Helpless poor people throwing their family dead bodies in the Ganga river.

With heart rending visuals of despair and bereavement of all around in the country, Modi and Amit Shaw busy in five states elections particularly in Bengal election. They were played Nero emperor role in tackling the ferocious second COVID surge. In other side conducting big election rallies BJP enlarged pandemic of COVID-19 in this second wave. the Scientists warned about second wave six months ago, but Modi and BJP government neglected it. The government in the Capitalists profit interests, running the national economic system focusing on Vaccine drive. On the above facts are main reasons for this COVID second wave calamity. Government started vaccination program grandly in the month of January about it failed to reach Ten percent of the country’s population. There are very much doubts on efficacy of vaccine in the people’s minds. Scientists warned that before 2021 June the vaccination can’t be done effectively. But the capitalists as a part of their economic profits released in market and government started vaccination program to front line warriors. Due to shortage of doses the government stopped the vaccination for new persons to continue the second dose. Government has announced vaccination for 18 years to 44 years’ population but failed to arrange doses for them. Ultimately it was canceled. For this, Serum institute CEO blamed the Modi government. In first wave of COVID time Migrant labor, venders, daily wage labor and small and medium industries damaged completely. In this situation the second wave of virus and consequent of lockdown second time the life of this people are horrible and hopeless situation. Tracing, testing, treating, Vaccination have been failed and this slogan gone in vain. Keeping view of this Modi government failed to controlling the virus and facilitating the hospitals, enrollment of new eligible young doctors, supply the oxygen tanks and cylinders, medicine and all other health infrastructure in the country. Keeping view of all this failures of NDA- Modi government people of this country should raise the slogan that “Step down Modi” to make the room for alternative government.