Following the assassination of Palestinian journalist ShireenAbuAkleh of AL Jazeera, thousands poured into the Palestinian capital Jerusalem to take part in a memorial march. AbuAkleh was killed by Israeli military forces on 11 May while covering an army raid in the Zionist-occupied West Bank.

The funeral march yesterday, Friday 13 May, was then attacked by Israeli forces. Using batons, the Zionist thugs clubbed Palestinians, fired rubber bullets into the crowd. At one moment, the coffin almost went down during the fighting. The participants of the funeral march resisted and fought against these repressions.


According to reports from Al Jazeera, Israel had warned AbuAkleh's brother to limit the size of the funeral procession, telling him that no Palestinian flags could be displayed and no slogans chanted.

The German state media by and large kept quiet about the incidents. The Tagesschau reported instead "The overall mood was very calm."