In the following we want to give a hort breif on some actions in People´s War in India, suspectedly carried out in the last week by the People´s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) under the leadership oif the Communist Party of India (Maoists) [CPI(Maoist)].


In the night of May 26, several vehicles engaged in road construction works near Tal Pipili village within Bhawanipatna Sadar police limits in Kalahandi district of Odisha. According to various borugeosie media 20-40 armed combatants of the PLGA stormed the construction site and set three to six vehicles ablaze.

Naxals torch six vehicles in Odisha's Kalahandi

On the exact numbers of destroyed vehicles and attacking combatants, the different bourgeois media contradict each other. Apparently, a banner was also placed on the spot and leaflets were left behind denouncing the arrest of a comrade; the authorities had presented the arrest in public as a cowardly capitulation of the comrade. After the successful attack, the revolutionary forces were able to withdraw without any losses. The cordoning operation launched by the reaction thereupon remained inconclusive. 12


On May 22, around 350 bags of tendu leaves (tea) were set to fire at Dadekasa, Bilal Kasa tendu leaves collection centre in Madhya Pradesh's Balaghat district. The entire business is done under supervision of the forest department. According to the bourgeois media, 8-20 combatants were involved in the action, again the various media contradict each other on the number of combatants. Again, leaflets were left behind denouncing the tea traders and the exploitation of the tribal people who collect the tea leaves. “Contractors neither pay wage to Tendu leaves collectors on the rate of Rs 600 per 100 bundles […]. This incident is the result of that,” 34