The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) published the inflation rate for the previous month of May at the beginning of June. According to TUIK, the increase in inflation in May was 2.98 per cent. Compared to the previous year, inflation in Turkey thus reached a value of 73.5 per cent. This is the official version told by the authorities of the Turkish state. But figures from the Inflation Research Group (ENAG) paint a different picture. According to the ENAG calculation, inflation rose by 5.46 per cent in May, bringing the year-on-year increase to 160.7 per cent.

Prices also rise apart from inflation
Even apart from inflation, prices are rising in Turkey. This is shown by TUIK data, which confirms the rise in prices of food and other consumer goods. According to the data, the producer price index rose by 132.1 per cent year-on-year to a peak in May.

In May 2022, retail prices increased by 12.15 per cent month-on-month, spending on culture, education and entertainment by 7.22 per cent, spending on clothing by 6.92 per cent, spending on household goods by 6.84 per cent, prices of fuel and energy by 6.73 per cent food spending by 4.97 per cent.

Month after month, prices in Turkey continue to rise massively. The situation of the Turkish masses continues to worsen and this makes the demand for change omnipresent in the countless struggles of the Turkish workers and people.