The imperialist aggression against Iran by the US, the only hegemonic world power and the main enemy of the peoples, is continued. Outwardly they paint a picture of the demonic Iranian people in order to advance their militarization. But they are also militarizing to the inside , be it the ordering of mass arrests and deportations of millions of migrants, or the public's effective straightening of war criminals, as in the following case.

Edward Gallagher, a US Navy Seals member, is accused by members of his own unit of brutally killing a trapped youth in Mossul, Iraq, in 2017 with a fighter knife. He then posed for photos with the body. The incident happened, mind you, in a military hospital, a place where lifes are supposed to be saved. In addition, Gallagher, as a sniper, is said to have killed countless civilians, including several schoolchildren. A former commrade of Gallaghers said, "He was simply obsessed in killing." Now, the US president said that he wanted to pardon several imprisoned war criminals of the US troops, including Gallagher, although his trial at the San Diego military court had not even been opened at the time.

First of all, it must be clear that there are no born sociopaths. Class society makes us what we are, think and do. This also means that chauvinist, barbaric imperialism produces such beasts, and it needs those people who are unscrupulous in enforcing the interests of the imperialists. Thus, the announced amnestys can be explained, true to the motto " who serves the US can not be a criminal" and "Support our Troops ". In order to continue the plans of their imperialist aggression, the US government is trying to tell the people that Army personnel are folk heroes and not killers and mercenaries in the service of the North American big bourgeoisie.


Sources: Junge Welt (06/19/2019)