For the last one and a half year, tenants and activists in Austin fought against the luxury project known as “Domain on Riverside” that aims to tear down one of the last proletarian neighborhoods in central Austin in favor of erecting condos and luxury shopping malls for Austin's notorious tech crowd. Recently comrades from Incendiary have compiled a comprehensive and impressive list of actions that took place against this project including manifestations, pickets, blockades, scuffles and several other sophisticated actions, such as attacks on the company pushing forward the project and key figures in the process of making this project reality.

Riverside Direct Action 1

Riverside Direct Action 3

More recently, actions took place on Wednesday this week in front of one of the council members who accepted bribes to vote in favor of the project. For this action, led by the comrades of Defend the Hoodz as most of the protest, the masses of the neighborhood were organized and mobilized to denounce charlatans such as said City Council cretin.

Riverside City Council

Furthermore, one the same day, also a huge banner was dropped along Interstate-35 highway amidst heavy traffic, with the slogan “No Domain on Riverside, Combat and Resist Gentrification”. The action created a lot of attention, as the activists additional torched flares covering the bridge leading over the interstate in thick red smoke. These actions were carried out in mobilization for a really yesterday, which also marked the scheduled day for the City Council to take the final vote in that matter.

Riverside Banner 1

Riverside Banner 2