On “Super Tuesday” revolutionaries in Texas and North Carolina carried out several actions in the ongoing election boycott campaign.

“Super Tuesday is the largest single day for primary elections, with 14 states holding primaries or caucuses to nominate each party’s respective candidate for the 2020 presidential election”


In Charlotte in the state of North Carolina many posters in front of polling stations were covered with hammer and sickles. There were also revolutionary slogans painted, calling for the boycott: “Don’t Vote! Fight for Revolution!”.

Election Boycott Propaganda in CharlotteElection Boycott Propaganda in Charlotte

In Austin, Texas posters and road signs were destroyed or got painted. Also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America working for the Democratic nomination for US House of Representatives, was targeted with dozens of her own campaign signs, covered in hammer and sickles and crossed posters, which were placed in her yard.

Slashed and Painted election signs in Austin