Today, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide took part in protests against imperialism-induced climate change. In the FRG alone, thebourgeois press speaks of 1.4 million participants in various demos, including 100,000 in Berlin, 70,000 in Hamburg and 40,000 in Munich (the organizers call each case even higher numbers).  Worldwide, protests took place in more than 5,000 locations in 156 countries.

Revolutionary forces have also participated in the protests, distributing revolutionary propaganda and advocating a clear proletarian revolutionary line within the mass movement against climate change, as well as agitating for the need to spearhead the leadership of the so-called Green Party, that is a Party of the imperialist big bourgeoisie in the FRG.

The central point in the struggle is the necessity of revolutionary violence and the change of the whole society, everytime actions of "civil disobedience" in combat are allowed is a preparation of pacifism.