As more or less announced for some time, Turkey last week left the Istanbul Convention, the " Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence" adopted in 2011. Turkey was said to be sufficiently equipped with its laws and constitution to "guarantee women's rights".

On Saturday, nationwide protests of tens of thousands of people started, most strongly in Istanbul, where the current week has also been declared a week of action. Particular attention was drawn to the fact that there is a murder of women in the country practically every day, most recently at least four in one day in the wake of the exit, including one by a cop.

Among others, in the speech of the Dersim Women's Platform, along with the Yeni Demokrat Kadın (New Democratic Women), a general classification of the meaning of Istanbul Convention was made: "In this country, where every woman feels unsafe, we do not accept the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, although an effective fight against violence, more effective measures and protection mechanisms should be discussed." The struggle against the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention enthralls wide masses of women in Turkey, wherein the revolutionaries have to develop their work - not believing in the laws of the imperialists and their lackeys, but to strengthen the front within a daily struggle of the masses.