We publish here an unofficial translation of an article from the newspaper "A Nova Democracia" by the comrades from Brazil

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On August 8th, the online portal of the newspaper A Nova Democracia was blocked in China by the Chinese social-imperialist state. The information was released by the NGO "blocky.greatfire.org" which checks websites blocked by the so-called "great firewall".

When one searches for the address of the A Nova Democracia-website on this site, red markings appear on the calendar, this shows from which day the portal in question was blocked by the fascist state.

The censorship and blocking of A Nova Democracia in China comes after a series of publications denouncing the revisionism, social-imperialism and fascism of the reactionary Chinese state, as well as an increasing engagement of Chinese readers with A Nova Democracia, with articles from the website being translated into Chinese on internet forums and Spread in China. Even international campaigns such as the one in defense of the League of Poor Peasants have had repercussions in the country.

According to a report by a Chinese press freedom activist, the site was blocked through DNS Poisoning: DNS poisoning, also known as DNS cache poisoning or DNS spoofing, is a highly deceptive cyber attack in which hackers redirect web traffic to fake web servers and "phishing" sites.

Given this, it is assumed that this is something planned by the state, and could be a form of monitoring and spying on Chinese internet users who visit the A Nova Democracia-site.

In "phishing", the recipient is invited to click on a link that appears in the body of the message and, by doing so, triggers the download of a malicious program that will penetrate his computer and capture sensitive information. It also happens that when the recipient clicks on the suggested link, he/she is sent to a fake site with the same graphical presentation characteristics as the original site. Upon arriving at the fake site, the person is asked to enter personal information

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