As we have taken from Avrupa Haber and reproduced here in abbreviated form, on September 10 the four comrades who died last year were commemorated with actions in different cities of Europe.

September 10 was the anniversary of the martyrdom of TKP/ML Central Committee member and member of the Dersim Women's Committee, Nubar TİKKO unit commander Rosa and Dersim regional commander Özgür and TIKKO militant Asmin.

On this first anniversary, activists of the Purple Red Collective in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck in Austria, Zurich in Switzerland, Reims and Strasbourg in France, Liège in Belgium, Duisburg and Nuremberg in Germany, Zaandam in the Netherlands commemorated the immortal fighters in the People's War with actions.

In a statement they wrote that the fighters of the people continue to illuminate our struggle for freedom by challenging fascism with high costs. In the statement, the immortalized comrades are also saluted for having also fought against the false ideas that limit women's freedom struggle by trying to isolate it from the class struggle and instead limit it to struggle for individual freedoms and reformism. They have also fought against the corruption caused by the refusal to fight.
Further, they write that Rosa and Asmin have shown the way against slavery, feudalism and male mentality imposed on women and that women's liberation is only possible through class struggle and revolution. Therefore, they call to expand the ideals of the martyrs.

Nubar, Rosa, Özgür and Asmin are immortal!

People's warriors are immortal!


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