Comrades from Kommunistiska Föreningen (Communist League),reportsthat on occasion of the 127 year of the birth of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, paintings with the slogan “LONG LIVE MAOISM!” were seen in multiple neighborhoods of Stockholm, also some in Turkish and Spanish, as well as several places in central Gothenburg. Also in Gothenburg paintings were seen in support of the People’s War in Turkey and honoring the fallen comrades. Interestingly it is reported that revolutionary paintings also were seen in Växjö.


The bourgeois press writes that on the new years eve there was firework and street gatherings “despite corona”. Such as police being fired at, both in the capital Stockholm, but also many smaller towns, such as in Avesta, where “40-50 young men shot firework towards the police, kicked and wrecked police cars.” In Malmö it is written that rockets were fired “both vertically and horizontally” at Möllevangstorget, and in Gothenburg that there was large gatherings of people around midnight.

It is usual that the bourgeois press denounce attacks on police with fireworks, but this year the point of not following “corona-measures” is mainly focused on, to say that you are not just attacking the imperialist Swedish state, but in fact you are spreading corona and going against the people. This is to further plant the idea that rebellion is unjustified, because it is “irresponsible”, in essence that the masses should not seek to take the political power, because they do not know how to use it and so the masses should depend on the mercy of the bourgeoisie.

Statistics show that 15% of the population live in housing, where the house/apartment has less rooms than there are single adults/couples, or where the children live in the same room as the parents (for comparison the same number in Norway is 6,1%).Nothing has been done to improve this issue, on the contrary, the attacks on proletarian neighborhoods in the major cities have been intensified, slumlords are taking over more and more housing, there is shortage of affordable apartments and especially in the big cities rent is skyrocketing. And how can the masses take these measures seriously, when they are made by people, such as the director of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (part of the state which takes care of disasters) Dan Eliasson who traveled to the Canary Islands for Christmas. The very people who blame the masses for going outside their home, are themselves taking leisure trips around the world.

And the virus has affected the deepest and broadest masses the hardest, especially with regard to mortality. The Swedish Public Health Agency, stated that the problem of the proletarian neighborhoods is the many immigrants, who simply cannot understand their “personal responsibility”, and so translation and distribution of posters for the corona-measures was put as the main focus. But the problem was never that the masses were irresponsible, it was the fundamental problems such as: lack of opportunity for isolation when sick, poor access to medical help, lack of proper living space, jobs with contact to many people and pressure to go to work, even when sick.

It is clear that masses all over Sweden are rejecting this idea, the idea that the Swedish state in any way has acted in the interest of the people during this pandemic, it is merely protecting the economic interests of the rotting bourgeoisie, as it is entering a new economic crisis. All the measures focus on how the masses should bear the whole burden of the pandemic and the economic crisis, meanwhile the exploitation of the working class is intensified, as the bourgeoisie tries to avoid the consequence of the economic crisis that they themselves have created. Swedish imperialism is living on the backs of the masses in Sweden and the nations it oppresses and so attacking it is justified, a virus or other “national emergency” does not change this, in fact it makes it even more clear why it can only be solved in this way.



Tjen Folket Media reports that several actions have been spotted such as: a banner was hanged in Oslo with the slogan “Long live the 200 year of the birth of Friedrich Engels”.

In Kristiansand and Trondheim, demonstrations were held to support Mustafa, who is being expelled from Norway.


Punalippu (Red Flag) reports that in Tampere flyers was seen on occation of the 200 year of the birth of Friedrich Engels, as well as posters for the occasion of the anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo. The comrades also made translation of an important document from the Peru Peoples Movement, regarding the new peace letter hoax.



The European Union is threatening to take away more than 30 million Euro of yearly subsidies, mainly for education. Money which is used to influence politics on Greenland, in favor of the interest of the EU. A letter was sent from the EU commissioner for fishery, to the leader of Naalakkersuisut (Greenland colonial parliament) Kim Kielsen, to subject to new EU rules for fishing, in the current negotiations. A representative of the EU-commission states that offer was “positive and constructive” and is a favorable deal for Greenland, but of course what the EU wants is access to the vast fishing areas of Greenland.

Denmark who is the main imperialist benefiting from extra-profits of fishing, processing and packing of seafood, mainly byRoyal Greenland A/S who has a near monopoly. Royal Greenland A/S was formerly part of the Royal Greenland Trading Department, which was established by the Danish King in 1774, to have monopoly on all fishing in Greenland and which was directly governing the colonial authority of the Danish state on Greenland until 1908.

And so Siumut’s condemnation of this move from the EU, is in fact an expression of their involvement in the struggle between the imperialist Denmark and the European Union (which is headed by German imperialism), in order to decide how to split the super-profits robbed from the Greenlandic people.