For the international women's day of struggle, actions were made in the four largest cities: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, as well as Kristianssand, Lillesand and Vennesla.

Wall paintings with “Proletarian Feminism for Communism” was seen in multiple cities, in Bergen a banner was hanged calling to go on the streets for the 8th of March. Wall newspapers with text about female communist leaders was hanged in the cities, with for example Comrade Norah and Comrade Chiang Ching.

On the 8th of March itself, a group of fascists were parading to spread their racist, imperialist chauvinist ideas, several men were dressed up as caricatures of muslim women, in order to hijack the 8th of March to spread their imperialist chauvinism, pretending to suddenly care for muslim women. But as Tjen Folket Media writes, it is the imperialists that are the main enemies of muslim women, and that these chauvinist ideas are there to justify the actions of Norwegian Imperialism, in collusion with US-imperialism, in West Asia and North Africa. Anti-fascists showed up and demonstrated against this parade, the police was there to protect the fascists, but the anti-fascists held their spirits high and fought against attempts of the police to arrest them, with some accounts saying that one of the main fascists was dealt bodily damage.



In Finland comrades hanged up posters on occasion of the 8th of March calling to a demonstration in Tampere.


In Denmark on occasion of the 8th of March, a banner was hanged from a busy station, graffiti was made in a proletarian neighborhood and leaflets were distributed among the masses.



On the website, a declaration was published on occasion of the 8th of March.