On the eve of the first of May flags appeared in Berlin Marzahn and Friedrichshain. We document pictures that were sent to us of them.

Fahne 3

Fahne 1

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Fahne 2

On the first of May itself, the DGB again did not register a demonstration, but instead held a functionary rally at the Brandenburg Gate. In response, a demonstration under the slogan "Not on our backs" was organized at the same time that the DGB demonstration typically took place, and a broad spectrum of trade union sections and revolutionaries participated. The speeches repeatedly denounced the state of emergency and the economic crisis that is to be justified as a health crisis.

1 Mai 2021 Berlin Demonstration morgens

In the evening, the "revolutionary first of May demonstration" traditionally takes place. This year, it was registered for the first time in years and, unlike the last one, was moved again to Kreuzberg and Neukölln, where 20,000 people gathered, according to those who registered. The demonstration was divided under the pretext of not respected distances already after a short running distance and the rear part was attacked. The cops decided to brutally attack the demonstration in the rear part at the height of the city hall Neukölln. This defended itself united, but was beaten back. The front parts of the demonstration quickly began to pay them back for this attack and attacked cops with bottles and stones and erected burning barricades. These clashes continued into the night. In total, there were up to 5600 police officers on duty, 93 of whom were injured, including 3 with broken bones, according to the police union. They made 354 arrests . The masses have once again proven that they are ready to fight. The cops have also shown which side they are on and that blood is on their hands that will not be forgotten. They have lived out their fascist fanatasies of violence, as they did at this year's LLL demonstration.

18uhr demo 2021 berlin 3

18uhr demo 2021 2

Out of the demonstration a painting was made in support of the LCP, who are currently being concretely threatened with death by the old Brazilian state in the state of Rondonia. There, under the leadership of the LCP, the peasants have occupied the large estates on which they were previously exploited. Now the old Brazilian state with the security minister and military police colonel José Hélio Cysneiros Pachá , also known as "The Butcher of Santa Elina" is planning a massacre on the territory where he did it before 25 years ago.

1 Mai 2021 Berlin 18 Uhr Demonstration Graffiti

1 Mai 2021 Berlin 18 Uhr Demonstration Graffiti 2