The bourgeois French government has decided that proof of a negativeCorona test or a full vaccination will become compulsory if people want to go to the cinema, museums or other places with more than 50 people, for example. From August, this obligation will also be extended to visits to cafés, restaurants and large shopping centres.


The government claims to want to stem a fourth wave of infections and convince more people to get vaccinated with the so-called "health passport", which it has now quickly implemented by decree. In August, a new law is to be passed that will make the "health passport" necessary for trains and flights for long-distance travel. Furthermore, as of September, compulsory vaccinations are to be introduced for employees in the health sector and old people's homes.

But even Macron's ruling party criticises the law, saying that besides the problem of personal data that have to be given when visiting restaurants, etc., it also restricts the civil liberties of unvaccinated persons. For instance, one of the party members said, "Protecting public health has been our priority since March 2020, but it has not threatened the cohesion of our country because the rules were the same for everyone" and "The health passport will fragment our country. It is a big change for our society.".

To this end, last Saturday the 17th of July, more than 114,000 people took to the streets to protest against the new laws. Demonstrations were held in Paris, in Strasbourg, in Lille and in Montpellier, and in some cases there were also clashes with the police.  Among other things, a vaccination centre was also attacked, and the French Interior Minister Darmanin additionally spoke of explicit security threats to some high-ranking bourgeois politicians.
Many of the masses at the demonstrations stated that they were critical of the vaccine because it had not yet been researched enough. But many also reject the new restrictions in particular, which was also evident in the "freedom" slogans at the demonstrations and demanded the retirement of Macron.
Of course, the bourgeois politicians of different colours did not miss the opportunity to rant again strongly against the government in order to drum up support for themselves in the coming election year.