Like everything else, the hypetheme of climate protection bears the stamp of a class, namely the bourgeoisie.

The climate protection policy issued is not intended to burden capital, but to promote it. On the world level, this project is mainly at the expense of the oppressed nations, while within the imperialist countries it is at the expense of the popular masses. An example is the planned obligation of the EU Commission to redevelop. At least 15% of the real estates within the EU must be reorganized according to it at the latest 2030 in Puncto thermal insulation.

Perfidiously, the whole thing is justified by the fact that rising energy prices are becoming an increasingly unsustainable burden for the lowest and broadest masses. However, these are also the ones who will not be able to afford the refurbishments, most of which will be passed on to tenants. And even if they can afford it, the renovation costs will be amortized with the savings. Thus, the much-vaunted climate protection will further fuel the displacement of the people from more attractive residential locations.