We document a report sent to us about a demonstration in Berlin-Hellersdorf.

On April 19, a demonstration of an alliance took place in Berlin-Hellersdorf under the slogan "Against rearmament and imperialist war! Among others, the internationalist collective Berlin had called for the demonstration. The demonstration was received with interest by passers-by and residents. In the speeches it was denounced how the current government hypocritically uses the current war in Ukraine in order to put into action the already long established plans of arming German imperialism with the aim of becoming an imperialist superpower, which it had concretized in its coalition agreement. The more far-reaching attempts to pass on the current economic overproduction crisis to the proletariat were also denounced. Another topic was the attack with Molotov cocktails on a Russian school by fascists just a few subway stations away. This follows from the attempts to divide the proletariat and the fueled anti-Russian chauvinism that increased with the current war in Ukraine.  The vocal demonstration is a beginning to carry the struggle and resistance against it of the proletariat also in this form in this working class district on the street. The banner and the second speech of the internationalist collective Berlin called for this struggle to be taken to the streets again on May Day with strength and determination.

Demonstration gegen Aufrüstung und den imperialistischen Krieg in Berlin Hellersdorf April 2022 2