We document pictures and reports sent to us.In the course of mobilization for the first of May in Marzahn-Hellersdorf were made paintings, as well as a general flagging carried out.

allgemeine Beflaggung Berlin 2022 1

allgemeine Beflaggung Berlin 2022 2

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The first of May itself began with the demonstration of the DGB, also which different groups in speeches and slogans, denounced German imperialism and the implementation of its rearmament plans. This year, the leadership of the DGB had given their social partnership and their betrayal of trade unionists a new symbol and invited the mayor "Schummel-Franzi" Giffey to the final rally, which already led to protests in advance. What the masses think of her policy she got to hear during her speech. A large part of the speech was drowned out by whistles, boos and slogans in which, in addition to her general policy and German imperialism, also specifically her broken promise to the referendum "German housing and Co. expropriate" was denounced. When she started to praise the Berlin police in her speech she was interrupted by egg throwing and ended her speech, whereupon the final rally was also ended prematurly.

DGB Demonstration 1.Mai Berlin 2022


The traditional "revolutionary May Day" demonstration, took place this year with, according to police and media estimates, 14,000 participants in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. The route of the demonstration was changed by the Neukölln public order office shortly before the demonstration by organizing events and parties directly by the district office, similar to the strategy of the "Myfest" in Kreuzberg a few years ago. In addition to passing the crisis on to the workers, the imperialist war and the rearmament plans of the FRG, solidarity with the Palestinian people was also emphasized, after from Friday to the first of May, all demonstrations with this theme were banned by the Berlin police. Contrary to the last years, the police centered their fascist harassment and acting out their violent fantasies at the place of the final rally, although they also launched several attacks with blows and pepper spray even before that. Accordingly, the demonstration was able to follow the route powerfully and loudly. At the closing place there were longer fights after the attacks of the police.

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