We document a report that was sent to us, about a rally in Berlin-Höhenschönhausen.

On the 10th of September, a rally against the passing on of the costs of the war and the crisis took place in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. It was organised by the internationalistische Kollektiv Berlin.

Kundgebung Hohenschönhausen 220912 1.2


The rally was supported by people who passed by and by the residents. People walking by stopped, and listened to the speeches, and collectively denounced the exploitative politics. At the side of the event, residents also purchased the workers' newspaper "Rote Post" (Red Mail). The speeches denounced the current policy in the service of the big companies and the interests of german imperialism. It was pointed out, that neither the so-called "Corona crisis", nor the war of aggression against Ukraine, by the russian imperialism, are to blame for the unaffordable prices for everyday goods and energy, but the capitalist system in its final stage, which is in crisis as so often.

Slogans like "Die BRD ist nicht unser Staat - Alle Macht dem Proletariat" ("The FRG is not our state - All power to the proletariat!") and "Glaubt die Lügen der Ausbeuter nicht, die Rebellion ist gerechtfertigt!" ("Don't believe the lies of the exploiters, the rebellion is justified!") could be heard loudly repeatedly.

The raised banner and the speeches called upon the masses not to accept this state of affairs and to organise in the neighbourhoods and at work, to fight together against this exploitative system.

Kundgebung Hohenschönhausen 220910 2.2