Quite militant protests took place around the recent AfD party conference in Offenburg. More than 50 police officers were reportedly injured. According to official data, they were kicked, beaten, otherwise attacked, fires were set.

During the demonstration against the AfD conference in the Ortenau district of Baden on Saturday last week, 53 police officers were injured, had bruises and abrasions because they were beaten and kicked. 17 of them were unfit for duty after the operation.

The identities of more than 400 participants in the demonstrative activities were established, but only a few proceedings were initiated. In more than 200 cases, there were expulsions. Charges were made of serious breach of the peace, resistance to law enforcement officers and bodily harm.

The police had tried to stop the protest march with a massive use of batons. A total of around 1400 to 1500 participants are thought to have taken part in the protests.



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