We publish this inofficial translation of an article in rememberance of Mehmet Demirdağ:

After Özgür Kemal Karabulut (guerrilla and party member of the TKP / ML) fell on the 20th of October 1997 in the People's War, comrade M. Demirdağ wrote the following words in a letter to a comrade;

“We will overcome what we experience, if everyone complies with his tasks. But if some will watch as others fight, then we will have many losses more. Our main problem today is that we fix the militaristic formation of the party in every area. It is not possible to march forward when some are watching. But we will still march forward. Slow and sluggish, piece by piece or fast and united. Either we will fight as a whole - because the war can only be conducted like this - or we will still have some problems until we come to a stand to wage war overall ... (...) Make people aware of the war, to develop belligerent, that the War does not tolerate mistakes, does not tolerate delays, laziness and etc. and that the price of this defect is a very big one. We have to make the comrades aware of this. You have to be mindful to develop belligerent. Solve the work subtle and be fast and act compactly. You have to bear responsibility. A very small mistake, laziness, carelessness, forgetfulness and awkwardness is paid for with body and blood. The price for not appearing for an appointment could be annihilation. The comrades must become aware of this.

Be mindful and do not become careless. Take good care of yourself. Fulfill your tasks and make the tasks of others timely and accurate.”

These were very difficult times. Two years passed only when the 2nd Extraordinary Party Conference under the leadership of Comrade M.Demirdag successfully called “The antidote of the right deviation can not be the left deviation! The antidote to any anti-Marxist-Leninist and Maoist deviation is Marxism-Leninism and Maoism!”

One month after Comrade Özgür Kemal Karabulut fell, the People's Warriors of the TKP / ML, Ümit Cağlayan San, Dilek Konuk, Ümit Dinler, Duran Salman and the 4th Secretary General of the TKP / ML (Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist) Mehmet Demirdağ on November 23, 1997 heroically fought in the province of Tokat against the fascist military forces of the Turkish state and became the martyrs of the Communist movement in Turkey and Turkey Kurdistan.

DEMİRDAĞ means courage and determination. He is the young force of change!

“A cadre structure that governs our theory and strategy, the development of our country and world reality, has deepened and studied the method of dialectical materialism, is politically productive, systematic, disciplined, leads a targeted form of work, anytime a teacher, anytime student, 24 hours a communist, experienced and taking experience from the tasks and applies them again in practice, because collectivism has deepened and dominated, active and lively relationship with the masses, militant, sacrificial for the cause of the people, courageous, strong initiative, a broad Horizon has mastered solving complex problems, scientifically considered in the question of criticism and self-criticism, in no section of life self-interest and cosiness, completely devoted to the party, the revolution and the people. The disposal of such a cadre structure is necessary to lead our Democratic People's Revolution to victory!” (M.Demirdağ)

Comrade M. Demirdağ summed up the characteristics of a communist with these words. Take these properties as a sieve and allow us to be led through this sieve. In this way we can correct our shortcomings and mistakes and develop and strengthen the struggle for the New Democratic Revolution.

Glory and honour for the luminous path of comrade Mehmet Demirdağ and his comrades. His teachings and practice live in the struggle for the New Democratic People's Revolution.