Since three days the Iranian government is faced with a series of demonstrations, that erupted and spread to various other parts after some thousand people took to the streets of Masshad, Iran's second-largest city, on Thursday. Denouncing the surge in the prices for basic foods, the high unemployment and the inflation, protesters have repeatedly clashed with Iranian riot police over their demands.

During the recent price hike some everyday items grow by up to 40 percent – hence the current outburst of anger by the Iranian people that can no longer bear the situation inflicted on them by imperialism and the ruling classes in Iran. Against the just struggle of the Iranian people the reaction attempted a number of arrest and especially in front of the Tehran university, were students participated in the fights an organized meetings, attempted to beat up protesters and used tear gas against them. With an increase in the number of participants that is to be expected as the protests further spread, the situation of the struggles will get even more tense.