The Indian Home Minister Ramsewak Paikra was lately accused of not fighting successfully enough against the Maoists by his opposition. To keep his face, he revealed the numbers of killed, arrested and surrendered comrades and of confiscated weapons and landmines of the past two years. Those numbers - published by the “Times of India” - would proof that the governmental “Anti-Naxal operations and policies” could decline the Maoists activities in several areas. Unfortunately, losses and setbacks are an inevitable reality of war. But Paikra is only trying to irritate the people – and of course he wants to stay in office. Reality, on the other hand, speaks another language than Paikra, who almost certainly palliated his numbers. Especially when it comes to “surrendered” comrades the bourgeois press has published fake numbers repeatedly and had to admit that later on. And the “Times of India” itself (as well as other bourgeois periodicals) underlines the continuing success of the Maoists by publishing news on Maoist activities weekly. Those listed beneath are only a few examples of five days.

- On February 18th, Maoists attacked a road construction site in Elarmadgu, six policemen were injured and two shot (that incident got Paikra in the situation of defending himself in the first place).
- On February 21st they could eliminate a policeinformer.
- On February 23rd a member of the Central Reserve Police Force was injured in an “Anti-Naxal-Operation”, while all involved comrades could disappear safely.

That amount of reported activities (and we can only guess how many didn’t made their way into the media) clearly shows that the Peoples War in India is absolutely vivid and the comrades are expanding on their activities. With their lies, the bourgeoisie wants to lower the morale of the revolutionaries. Instead, the CPI (Maoist) deals severe blows against the reaction regularly.