The propaganda campaign of the bourgeois press and the old state against the Indian comrades who carry out the people's war continues. They invent exaggerated heroic stories to ennoble the fight against the people, as the headline "Stabbed, jawan fights 4 armed Maoists bare-handed, makes them flee" published by the “Times of India” makes more than clear. An awesome human-being tells a tale where he was surrounded and disarmed by four Maoists, but could magically manage to get his gun back. The stab wound in his chest obviously didn’t bother him at all. Of course, he then also fired at them. However, he doesn’t seem to be the best shooter, since he didn’t hit with a single bullet (that was, of course, because he had to be careful to not shoot any civilians). We’re pretty convinced that this member of the reactionary forces of India is not telling the whole truth. But this hero’s story fits perfectly into the government’s attempt of demoralizing the oppressed people and spreading the word that Maoism would be at its “last leg”, as Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh lately claimed in a speech, praising the successes of the CPRF (a paramilitary force that carries out “anti-Naxalite operations”). Furthermore, he claimed that the Maoists were "anti-poor" and "anti-development" and that everyone knew that too. These absurd insinuations prove that the old state is calculatingly spreading lies about the Maoist ideology, because anyone who has the slightest idea of the almighty ideology of the proletariat - which actually is represented by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism -  knows that Maoism is fighting for wiping out poverty once and for all by building a new, classless society, which means historical progress – and development - in its purest form.

These allegations are also led to absurdity by the revelation of Maoist activities at the universities, that have been developed hidden from the reactionary forces. Considering the elections this year in the district of Andhra Pradesh, those activities and the incorporation of student masses into the revolutionary struggle leave the police forces into shock, since they were so convinced by their own lies about the defeat of the revolution. That again confirms that the revolutionary struggle, realized through people’s war, will always appeal to the masses and will lead to victory at last.