During the last week several massacres took place against comrades of the CPI (Maoist), carried out by the reactionary forces of the old Indian state, with the biggest one on April 22nd in Gadchiroli. According to the bourgeois press, approximately 40 comrades died as martyrs, refusing to surrender and so holding up their principles and waving the red flag until the very end, while the support of their struggle, the People’s War in India, was internationally expressed on the 23rd.

Now the reaction adorns itself with having landed a great coup, having struck the "Maoist threat" significantly. The encounters are celebrated as one of the greatest successes in the fight against "Maoist terror" of several decades, a video was launched were policemen danced next to the corpses, celebrating their “victory”. But various sources say, that there was no encounter, but a surprise attack while breakfast, hence being a brutal execution of revolutionaries. This is an expression of the barbarity of the reaction, which is carrying out an extermination campaign against the justified rebellion, namely Operation Green Hunt - a gigantic repression and annihilation of the mass struggle.

In the meantime many progressive and democratic organizations condemned the massacre. Popular revolutionary writers like Varavara Rao also don’t believe in the “official” version of the incidents, underlining the cold-blooded character of the reaction. Furthermore, he adds in his statement that the government is unleashing a genocide against the Adivasi (Native Indians) across the Dandakaranya-area to allow imperialist forces to exploit the mineral wealth of the forest region.

The reaction’s dream of drowning the revolution in blood won’t ever be fulfilled. Every drop of blood shed by the masses in the glorious People's War in India will let the revolution thrive.
The comrades prove this truth and their will to continue the path of the new democratic revolution under the leadership of the proletariat by calling for a bandh (armed strike) on the 4th of may in response to the Gadchiroli massacre, which sets the reaction on high alert. Also they successfully carried out an action on April 26th by blowing up a road.