The Indian state tries everything to defeat the People’s War led by the CPI (Maoist). They have their army with their special forces, they established “Operation Green Hunt”, they adopted the „Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act“, and they’ve got money. They’ve got the whole power of their old state, of the military and of the police on their side and yet they aren’t anywhere near to crush the justified rebellion of the Indian people. To intensify the war against the People’s War they came up with strategies of psychological warfare. The aim is trying to undermine the moral of the comrades and separating them from the masses. The main activity in this context is, as always in the campaigns of reactionary forces worldwide, to spread lies. Many of them. Claiming that they had killed thousands of comrades, claiming every day there would be surrenders, claiming the comrades would kill innocent Adivasi (indigenous people) in the most brutal ways and so on and so forth.

Another part of this desperate attempt of crushing the People’s War is to bribe the comrades. The Indian state plans an amnesty-cum-rehabilitation scheme for Maoists who are willing to surrender. They promise an amount of money depending on their position in the CPI (Maoist):

„Top leaders, who come under the first category, will be eligible for ₹5 lakh each and those coming under categories two and three will be eligible for ₹3 lakh each when they surrender.„

Also they say that:

„A lump-sum amount will be given for pursuing education, marriage, and skill training. A sum of ₹15,000 will be given to those who want to pursue education, ₹25,000 for marriage, and ₹10,000 for skill training up to three months.

Those who surrender weapons will be eligible for a special rate. Those surrendering AK 47 will get ₹25,000. The government will consider including those surrendering in one of its housing schemes if they do not own a house.“
This bribe proves, that the Indian state has understood nothing of the ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. No comrade, willing to die in the People's War, no comrade, who has understood that the problems of the masses can’t be solved by the old state, but only by the Party and its fight against imperialism on a world scale, would choose the cowardly way of corruption. And that is why in the future the Indian state will have no choice but continue to invent lies. Lies about comrades, who could be bribed. But the masses aren’t as stupid as they think. They will see through the government’s lies and join the struggle sooner or later.