In view of the upcoming elections in 2019, India‘s Prime Minister Modi tries to present himself as a good representative, who cares only about the Indian people. He and his party – the “Bharatiya Janata Party” - would stand for development, in contrary the coalition of his opposition – led by “the Congress” Party – who would only want power and therefore bring nothing but chaos to the country. To emphasize how “close” to the people he is, Modi lately told that he constantly gets out of his car in the streets and talks with his subordinates, while being silent about what the “development” he stands for really means for him: making it easier for the imperialists, who chase away, exploit and oppress the same Indian masses he allegedly cares for. The typical bourgeois electoral madness begins in India. One tries to portray himself in the press as a particularly good-doer, who has nothing but the interests of the people in mind. Then one insults his opponent, in case of doubt gets a few bribes flowing and in the end can make oneself comfortable and can go back to give no shit on the people while one curries favor with the imperialists.

And, of course, Modi states that it was him who fought the "Maoist threat" as effectively as no one else, and it would only rapidly decline because of him. But that the "left-wing extremism", as the bourgeoisie calls the People's War led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in India, is always the first question and the first concern of the ruling classes speaks against a "decline" of maoist activities. That the reactionary forces buy expensive drones to spy on Maoists speaks against a "decline". The cowardly and cruel massacres as in Gadricholi speak for the desperation and incapability of the old state in the face of the glorious people's war, as well as the mass criminalization and imprisonment of Dalits, Muslims, Kashmiris and other tribals like Adivasi, who oppose the old Indian state and who are directly called "terrorists" and "Maoists" when they criticize Modis government.