The bourgeois press of India lately has missed no possibility of ridiculing itself in regard to the People's War. They claim that the "sightings" of the Maoists are diminishing and thus indicate that the “Left-Wing-Extremism”, as they call the glorious People’s War, is on its last foot. Meanwhile posters of the CPI (Maoist) appear on school walls and demand that the state persecution of the Dalits and other tribals to be stopped immediately. Meanwhile, on the 20th of July a successful Bandh (armed strike) was carried out, which was widely supported by the masses and thus paralyzed a whole district. And meanwhile, the special forces of the old state are regularly crushed by the Maoists. At the same time, they claim that they are arresting and killing Maoists in droves, even during the monsoon season, a time of the year in which Maoists would often “lie low, train new recruits and strategize”. They brag with their treacherous and coward massacres, that they disguise as "encounters" and conceal that Maoists are doing everything but rest, continuing and developing their struggles.

The whole theater of anti-maoist propaganda is taken to extremes by spreading conspiracy theories that the Maoists (alongside the Pakistani intelligence service) would be responsible for a UN-report that is accusing the Indian authorities and security forces of human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir. How should a movement that is allegedly almost defeated be able to influence (and fake) an UN report? With this claim they simply contradict their own tales. In addition, they skillfully ignore the fact that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act has been widely criticized from all sides, because it’s resulting in anyone who loses a bad word about the old Indian state being incarcerated, tortured and even killed.


This shows only how everything the reactionaries do in order to stop and crush the revolutionaries in the end serves the revolutionary cause. The reactionaries resort to the most cruel methods to stop the revolutionaries, revealing that they would never act in the interests of the people, but in the interests of the foreign industry and big monopolies. Currently, because of the brutality of the Indian state, there is now a broad front of intellectuals and artist who oppose the old Indian state and the stone they raised will fall on their own feet.