According to various Turkish-language reports six combatants of the TIKKO, the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey under the leadership of the TKP/ML, fell in action in the early hours of the 6th of August. The reactionary press claims, that in the night from the 5th to the 6th of August, the combatants were on the move to ambush a military outpost of the Turkish army, when they were engaged by enemy troops flanked by air support. The firefight in the area of Tunceli, that lasted until the early hours of Monday, left six heroic combatants of the Turkish people dead.

Anyone who has ever given more then a stray thought on the People's War in Turkey knows, that Dersim for decades has been a hotbed of revolutionary armed actions. And anyone who has some love for the Turkish People and their struggle for the New Democratic Revolution knows of the TIKKO in Dersim: Those combatants who refused to leave their posts, when many claimed it would be „to dangerous“ and left or when there were more opportune places to fight. In the midst of the State of Emergency, the draconian laws against the people and the pressure exerted even on the most democratic forces these comrades stood fast and have shown that the People's War can still be waged. When it was their Party, the TKP/ML, who became target of the vilest slanders it was the TIKKO in Dersim who rejected them most firmly. Those comrades, although six of them now have laid down their lives, are immortal. The People's War in Turkey will continue and so will the struggles in Dersim developed by the TIKKO.

six dead comrades 1

Commemoration at the Summer Camp of Partizan


six dead comrades 2

"The Guerilla is immortal - Long Live People's War - Partizan"