The general elections in India are upcoming next year. And the ruling class including the current president, Narendra Modi, fear the announced protest of the broad masses. They may try to discredit the rebellion, may instrumentalize the “war against terror” to get rid of every opposition, but they won’t suppress the justified rebellion of the masses. Even if some politicians, like the Union home minister Rajnath Singh, are fantasizing about “completely eliminating left wing extremism” in “the next three years”, the old Indian state and their police and military are actually in great fear of the protests.That means in fact, that they fear the ongoing people’s war led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist).


Last week the PLGA (People´s Liberation Guerrilla Army) has launched a new offensive against the old state and is now focusing on combining "armed struggle" with "mass mobilization" and opening new fronts of struggle, while they remain being focused on "self-rectification" as well. Also recently two politicians have been killed by the Maoists near Andhra Pradesh. As a result, the police in Jayashankar-Bhupalapalli, Peddapalli and Rajanna-Sircilla districts are planing how they can protect the bourgeois elections, because they expect huge actions that will directly attack the electoral process. The police has intensified their training, monitor the relatives of suspected Maoists and are waiting for the support of special military troops. Even bomb disposal teams and dog squads started checking the roads, because they fear the possibility of landmines. The election commission is even thinking about changing the electoral process in areas „affected by the maoist insurgent“. So far, during the voting process indelible ink was applied to the finger, so it can be voted only once. Now it’s feared that there will be less turnout if it’s obvious for everyone who doesn’t participate in the Maoist’selection boycott and thus supports the legitimacy of the bourgeois elections. So the Election commission may drop indelible ink in Maoist areas. Of course, the bourgeois media conceals that this also creates a nice opportunity for (almost obligatory) electoral manipulation.