As we reported last week the Papua are uprising in the state of Indonesia and claiming for national liberation, an end of racism against their people and an end of repression by the security forces and other reactionary elements. Meanwhile the security forces started to murder in pubic, but this is not a defeat for the rebellion, but in the opposite it is watering the struggle.


On Wednesday there were heavy fights between Papuas, police and the military in Deiyai district, west Papua, in the west of the state of Indonesia. Thousands of people demonstrated in the capital of the district. The police forces directly attacked the march with the support of the military, firing tear gas grenades in to the crowd. When the protestors didn´t let them be pushed back, but formed resistance, the military started to shoot in to the crowd and on fleeing people. Minimum six people were murdered. But the Papua resited in a though way, using bow and arrows and machetes, killing one soldier, a few other soldiers got wounded, some of them seriously.


As the reaction of the murders heavy fights broke out in the capital of Papua. In the course of these riots public administrations and environmental buildings were crushed and set on fire.


On the same day the government of Indonesia shut down the public power supply and the telecommunication services in big parts of Papua and West Papua, nearly a week before the internet was shut down.