Today Turkey launched its thoroughly prepared assault on Syria with their attacks on YPG bases in the country, violating the sovereignty of the country and international (bourgeois) law. Yet again under the guise of “combating terrorism” Syria is hurled into further instability. Yankee imperialism, after supporting the YPG and its affiliated forces has declared them to be fair game with the withdrawal of their support and their troops, opening up the space for the Turkish military to attack, as was clear to everyone ever listening to the plainly stated intentions of Turkeys President Erdogan.

That Yankee imperialism in this way crosses the YPG does not come as a great surprise for many of the revolutionaries. Already, in 2016 the Editorial Staff of Dem Volke Dienen clearly outlined the likelihood of the very events now taking place. Yankee imperialism is not concerned with the just struggle of the Kurdish people for their own nation, but follows its own agenda and, as the worlds sole hegemonic superpower, does not bow to any form of allegiance with the PKK, but violates truces and alliances as it sees fit to serve its interests.

In this regard, Yankee imperialism made the YPG serve a double purpose: First, as ground forces in Syria, covering their advance by means of air strikes, weapons and intelligence into the country while fighting the so-called Islamic State. Now, being set up in Syria, they are used as targets so that the Turkish army also has a pretext to go into Syria. Here one can see how cynical the treachery of US imperialism is. The quick transition from the withdrawal of Yankee troops towards the Turkish attack on Syria speaks volumes in this question: It did not even took the Turkish army a week to prepare their assault. Instead the US troops conveniently leave in a moment, when the Turkish army is not only already prepared but actually strikes within a matter of days, clearly highlight the level of Yankee collusion in this matter.

No matter what some people might claim and what image the Turkish state itself wants to convey - Turkey is not an imperialist country, but a semi-feudal, semi-colonial country, with the principal imperialist to exert its interests being the US, and it is now even more obvious then before how the Yankee strategists play both sides of the conflict in their pursuit of their long term goal in that area: The balkanisation of the sovereign nation states. That is to say, the smashing of the nation states into smaller chunks, so that they are in a position of greater weakness, easy to rule and to pit against one another, so that masses fight masses and peoples fight peoples instead of the common enemy, imperialism. The Balkans, but also the smashing of the Central Government of Iraq and the handover of power to the various local feudal authorities, show how they go about it.

For this task, the Turkish army, the second biggest in NATO - with its history written in the blood of the peoples of Turkey and elsewhere that haven been subjected to its genocide, rape and plunder - serves the purpose of US imperialism. Its attack on the YPG in Syria will further destabilize the country and for the people it will mean more genocide, more bloodshed and more violence as the result of the imperialists struggle for the repartitioning of the world. In the light of this it has to be reaffirmed, that the struggle against this imperialist aggression, no matter by whom, is just and that it is up to the genuine communist forces in the respective countries to take up the task of being the vanguard in this fight.