Fights against security forces took place in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and other places over enforcing the lock down and the distribution of rations.

Cops attacked over lockdown, food delivery

In the city of Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh vegetable vendors attacked police forces with stones, which tried to enforce the curfew. According to the authorities at least one policemen were wounded.  

In the village of Baduria in West Bengal residents blocked a road in protest against the insufficient distribution of food and other supplies. Through the lock down most people are not able to work so they dependent to aid from the old state. When police forces arrived clashes brook out.

In Ahmedabad in Gujarat a the masses also erected barricades to protest against the lack of food and attacked police forces, deployed to enforce the curfew. In the course of the clashes several cops were injured. According to the police 15 person got arrested.

Clashes breakout between locals and police amid lack of essential items in Malegaon

There further reports about fights against the reaction all over the country.