On Sunday at least 90 protesters were detained during a protest in front of the police headquarter in Yerevan, the capital of the oppressed nation of Armenia.


“The protest in the capital, Yerevan, took place after security service officers conducted a search at the residence of the leader of the country’s principal opposition party.” The security forces set up a veritable armada to suppress the protests. As a reason for the detentions, a police spokesman blamed the restrictions on assembly due to the Corona pandemic.



 Of course these politician is no progressive force, but it clarifies how the state deals with contradictions, especially in the time of an economic crisis, even if they are on a parliamentary basis. What the imperialists and their lackeys need is calmness and they cannot manage it, they cannot restrain the anger of the masses.


In Armenia, there are repeated combative protests and even armed actions.


In February this year dozens blocked a highway to demand the release of two person from prison. This person are accused of murdering a police officer. In 2016 round about 20 armed members of an opposition party rushed and occupied a police station for two weeks, demanding the release of their party leader.


In January this year the former head of the top security agency were found dead, he was killed by a head shot.


Protests outside the occupied police station, 2016