Despite the peace negotiations suspected members of the Taliban have killed at least 18 soldiers in two separate attacks on Wednesday.

In the province of Jowzjan a security checkpoint were attacked and stormed. In the exchange of fire between security personnel and the attackers 12 security forces were killed, including six soldiers. There are no reports of any losses from the attackers.

In another attack, the same day an army outpost in the province of Kunduz were also attacked and stormed. According to the authorities, the battle for the outpost lasted five hours - six soldiers were killed. The reaction claims to have also killed four suspected Taliban members in the encounter.

According to “Al Jazeera” and “Zeit Online” at least 422 Afghan troops have been killed or wounded in about 220 attacks in the recent week. Even if the Afghan government and Yankee imperialism hope for peace negotiations, it must beclear that there can be no peace with imperialism.