Turkish police have again arrested two suspected "high-ranking" members of the DHKP-C (Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front) in Istanbul. This continues the Turkish state's offensive against the various revolutionary forces. An EU report with Europol data of 23rd of June had more strongly emphasized the "terror threat" posed by the DHKP-C among others and underlined that Europe was the logistic base, e.g. for smuggling weapons.

That the work in this logistical base is by no means disregarded in Europe is shown, for example, by the trial and sentencing of 15 members in France in 2013. In response to the report, the Turkish Foreign Ministry now called for greater "cooperation against the terrorist organizations". In contrast to TKP/ML, the DHKP-C is classified as a terrorist organization in the EU. At the latest, however, the verdict in the TKP-ML trials in July made it clear that whoever is engaged in armed struggle against the old Turkish state can apparently be called a terrorist without any basis. Three weeks after the assassination of comrades Nubar and Rosa, it is again being recalled that the "war on terror" is not limited to the organizations presented in this question to the public, but is a desperate counterrevolutionary "struggle" that they cannot win.