At the outset, it must be said that the following is no cause for defeatism. The police authorities of Chhattisgarhclaims they would offer free medical treatment to Maoists suffering from Covid19 symptoms if they were willing to surrender.

According to reports of several bourgeoisie media in India the reaction is about to protect the villagers from being infected with Covid19 by Maoists and accuse the comrades of not taking the pandemic seriously. To back up this absurd assertion, they seem to be inventing statistics about which cadres are said to be infected in which area, and how many potentially infected they surround themselves with and so on. Furthermore, they accuse the comrades of holding meetings in villages, despite the pandemic, which they claim is regardless.

It must be absolutely clear that it is not the comrades who are a danger to the people but the old Indian state, it is not the comrades who are to blame for possible infections and possibly serious courses of disease, but the non-existent health care of the people by the old state, a task which is taken over by committees of the new power.

What the reaction of the federal state of Chhahttisgarh is trying to do here is to use the pandemic again to enforce their interests in the service of imperialism. It is a ridiculous and above all desperate attempt to isolate the comrades from the masses and to discredit or even to make them surrender. But this plan cannot and will not work, the masses will not be misled by these cowardly lies and it is to be assumed that each of the comrades, whether part of the party, of the army or the mass organizations will rather die than surrender to the reaction.