Here we publish some reports regarding 8th of march in the world.

In the city of Stockholm a demonstration took place. Comrades published several pictures of it.

8maerz schweden 1

8maerz schweden 2

8maerz schweden 3


A banner with the slogan "Long live proletarian feminism!" was hung up before International Women's Day in Tampere. The action took place in a prominent and heavily trafficked location where the banner was reportedly maintained for over 24 hours.

Finnland 8 Maerz 2020 1
A march with 75 people and speeches, was witnessed in Turku. The march began on University Street and ended on the Old Grand Square with symbols like "Take the streets back!" and "crush imperialism!". The concluding speech was speeches condemning violence against women and showing solidarity with the possible industrial action in the female-dominated care sector during the spring collective bargaining.

Finnland 8 Maerz 2020 2


The Popular Movement of Women issued: “Today, March 8, is the International Day of Working Women ... Today we still celebrate together this day which aims to bring together the women of the proletariat. ... to show that we, women, are ready to fight against capitalism and the patriarchy that oppress us!”
Actions among others took place in:

Frankreich 8 Maerz 2020 1 caen

Frankreich 8 Maerz 2020 1 caen 2



Frankreich 8 Maerz 2020 2 brest


Frankreich 8 Maerz 2020 3 Nantes


Frankreich 8 Maerz 2020 4 Clermont Ferrand

United States of America
On March 8 throughout the US a special IWWD print issue was spread, agitating for women’s emancipation, and holding cultural events aimed at organizing women to fight back against their oppressors.
In Austin, Texas revolutionary women led a procession honoring working women and victims of sexual abuse that was brutally repressed by the police, resulting in several dozen activists and community members being arrested.

USA 8 Maerz 2020 austin1

USA 8 Maerz 2020 austin2


In Los Angeles, California, activists held an event outside of the Metropolitan Detention Center where attendees created signs and buttons with revolutionary slogans like, “Unleash the Fury of Women” and “Elections, No! Revolution Yes!”

USA 8 Maerz 2020 x1 LA


In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Serve the People rallied for IWWD in a public park in the Wilkinsburg area, a majority Black working-class suburb.

USA 8 Maerz 2020 x2 pittsburgh

In Houston, Texas, Incendiary along with other activists held a cultural event where attendees created a banner reading, “Women Hold Up Half the Sky” and honored women revolutionaries.
In Charlotte, North Carolina, activists held an event to commemorate IWWD.


Peru 8 Maerz 2020

Peru 8 Maerz 2020 f1

Peru 8 Maerz 2020 f2


Excellent day of feminist and popular rage was registered in Mexico City on March 8, on the occasion of the International Day of Working Women. The organized contingents of women, mainly workers and students, took the first avenues making women feel tired of the growing wave of feminicides that plague Mexico. Women with purple, green, black and red scarves have endorsed feminist rage, reflecting in the main shopping centers and banks of imperialism. Molotov cocktails, stones, firecrackers, pints, sticks and slogans have left a clear message on the streets of the City: the walls and glass are restored, the lives of murdered women have not! The presence of classist slogans among anarchist and communist women in the main cities of the country is increasingly noticeable.

Mexiko 8 Maerz 2020 1

In Oaxaca Stream of the People Red Sun announced the start of a new mass mobilization from March 18, date on which 82 years of oil expropriation will be celebrated and that in the opinion of the organization, “ It was part of the tasks of the unfinished bourgeois democratic revolution, and today it is reflected with the privatization suffered by the national strategic industry and the subordination of Mexico to imperialism, mainly Yankee, so a Revolution of New Democracy ... is needed, which upholds true national sovereignty and the self-determination of our people.” Waving the agenda of the Five Central Points, the Red Sun have said they will again take the streets and squares of the capital of the entity, demanding a stop to state terrorism and the war against the people. Red Sun denounced that on March 4, subjects dressed in civilian clothes with police-military behavior have carried out surveillance and harassment outside the offices of the democratic organization. This campaign of harassment is part of the attacks that are registered over and over again, by the old state, against the organization for defending the rights of the people.

Mexiko 8 Maerz 2020 2


In Chile a wave of mobilizations at national and international level was developed to raise the demands of popular women and the defense of their conquests in their spaces and rights. More than 300 thousand attended.

Chile 8 Maerz 2020 1

Chile 8 Maerz 2020 2

Chile 8 Maerz 2020 3


On March 8, the MFP nucleus meeting was held in Varzelândia, Norte de Minas Gerais, with great success. The meeting was preceded by the leafleting of the celebratory material in the communities. 60 comrades and 15 children participated despite heavy rain. During the meeting, a tribute was paid to the companion Sandra Lima, presenting her biography and in front of the banner with her photo, we raised, once again, her great cause: the defense of the Democratic Revolution, uninterrupted to Socialism in our country, towards luminous Communism for the transformation of our society and the emancipation of women.

Brasil 8 Maerz 2020 1

Brasil 8 Maerz 2020 2

The MFP - Popular Women's Movement carried out, along with several class organizations, a warm celebration of the International Day of Working Women in Belo Horizonte, on March 7th. Attended the celebration Workers League, the League of Poor Peasants, The MEPR and others. The activity started with the singing of “The International”, marking the class content of our celebration. Comrades effusively saluted the International Day of Working Women, marking their class position, remembering that March 8 is not the day of all women, but of those who are exploited and oppressed by this system of exploitation and oppression. The comrades Sandra Lima, Elzita Rodrigues and Remis Carla were honored during the activity. A companion from the MFP made an presentation on the importance of class organization of women of the people and the strengthening of the MFP - Popular Women's Movement in all organizations of class struggle.

Brasil 8 Maerz 2020 3

Brasil 8 Maerz 2020 4



In Istanbul with the call of 8th March Women's Platform, thousands of women met in front of Beşiktaş Pier in Kadıköy.

Tuerkei 8 Maerz 2020 1


In Ankara, women met in front of the Kolej Ted University following the call of the Ankara Women's Platform, where the New Democrat Woman was also a component. Thousands of women, who met with police barricades many times during the march, completed their marches with slogans and turned Sakarya Street into a rally.

Tuerkei 8 Maerz 2020 2

8maerz tuerkei 3

Also in Europe turkish migrants took the streets in France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Tuerkei 8 Maerz 2020 4

Tuerkei 8 Maerz 2020 5


In Tingbjerg a propaganda action saying "Kitchen, husband, fatherland - our answer: resistance!" was carried out and in Nørrebro a meeting was held.

daenemark 8 Maerz 2020 1

daenemark 8 Maerz 2020 2


In Austria a call by the Red Women's Committee reading "Women, let's create an organization to fight successfully", "Let us give expression to our justified demands. We will show that the strength of the people lies in the organization!" and "Women do not live in isolation, resist and combat so things happen!" was published and spread. Also the newest issue of the magazin "THE FIGHTERESS" was published.

8maerz oesterreich 1

8maerz oesterreich 2

In India a list of 22 women cadres killed in the exchange of fire with security forces during the past year was published on International Women’s Day. Also a statement was published that targets the state machinery of exploitation of tribal women in the Bastar region.