Wir veröffentlichen hier einen Bericht aus Österreich, von dem wir leider keine deutsche Übersetzung haben


75 years of liberation - commemorate, celebrate, struggle

In Austria various actions were carried out in several places to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi fascism and to keep the necessary struggle high today!

“The victory against fascism brought great achievements, which were fought in the service the people. At the same time we see that today more and more repressive measures are being taken against the workers and the people. Therefore, to celebrate the 8th /9th of May in a struggling way is a living tradition, which also today confronts us with tasks.”, so the antifascists wrote.

Antifascists and revolutionaries from Austria and Turkey drove together to the concentration camp Mauthausen. Speeches were held, which emphasized the lessons of the antifascist struggle and upheld the present fight against repression, fascism and imperialism. In one speech it was emphasized: "The Allies, at the head of which was the Soviet Union, have defeated the beast of German fascism with the help of millions of partisans, people's war, resistance fighters and antifascists. This event changed the course of history and gives all antifascist and progressive forces important lessons and a big mission till today."

In Vienna several important places of resistance were visited. Speeches were held at the famous Monument of the Red Army on Schwarzenbergplatz and a lot of attention was drawn to it by loud slogans. In Linz especially the communist Sepp Teufel was remembered and honored. He was a member of the Central Committee of the Austrian Communist Party under the heavy conditions of Nazi fascism. Sepp Teufel lived and struggled in Linz, against Austrofascism as well as against the Nazi fascists. A few days before liberation he was brutally murdered in Mauthausen.

The anti-fascists did not only keep up a tradition with their actions, but filled it up with life for today: The oppressed, the workers and the people must resist with all their strength the further attacks of capital and establish a solidarity which is not just lip-swear, but a solidarity in common effort for freedom and socialism!

One activist pointed out: "8th of May is a living tradition. Or shouldn't we defend the victory over fascism just today? Already in 1935 the Bulgarian communist Georgi Dimitrov observed that: "before the establishment of fascist dictatorship, bourgeois governments usually go through a series of preparatory stages and carry out a series of reactionary actions, which directly promote the rise of fascism to power." And don't we see this today? Neutrality exists only on paper, militarization is increasing, and at the same time democratic rights such as freedom of assembly are being cut back, while monitoring is increasing. The exploitation of the oppressed countries, also by Austria, is taking on ever greater proportions. It is necessary to struggle, therefore the activists made a banner with the inscription "75 years 8 of May - Resist and combat! Against militarization, monitoring and repression"

Long live the 75th anniversary of liberation!

Resist and combat, against monitoring, militarization and repression!

Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!

[Source: afainfoblatt.com]