We publish this inofficial translation of a report of the chilean newspaper el pueblo and additional an inofficial translation of a declaration of the FERP:

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A contributor sent us a note of the march of August 25th, we appreciate the interest in supporting the democratic and popular press and we invite everyone to send their news.

On Friday, August 25th 2017, at 17:15, a march was again held in commemoration of the death of student Manuel Gutiérrez. At that time, at least 60 people, mostly students, were grouped in front of Posta 4 located between Juan Moya and Grecia (Ñuñoa). There began the action, with the words of several comrades who referred to the death of Manuel Gutiérrez.

At the beginning, a spokesman of the Front of Revolutionary and People Students (FERP) spoke, giving a brief description on how the facts of the death of Manuel Gutiérrez had been. He emphasized that the only one recognized as responsible is the cop Miguel Millacura, who is at home fulfilling the "punishment". The direct responsible of that cop never received a punishment, nor the State took care of this death.

Immediately, a student group sang and immediately spoke a representative of the Group of Victims of Police Violence. She knew Manuel and called for the 25th of August to commemorate the Day of Victims of Police Violence, both for the death of Manuel and other young people who have also been killed. Then a lawyer representing the People's Advocates spoke, emphasizing that the people have had a triumph, because it is a victory to remember and commemorate Manuel's death.

Then they were asked: Do you want to march on the street or the sidewalk? To which all in unison shout: Down the street! So began the march, also counting on the participation of the "Comparsa Callejera" composed of former Pedagógicos. The route began at Juan Moya and down to Grecia, but followed by a strong contingent of Carabineros - there were more cops than people. The march continued through the streets of Ñuñoa, reaching Pedagógico at Doctor Johow, in calm, but followed by a strong deployment of Carabineros.


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Note: Combative March for Manuel Gutiérrez

This Friday, 25th of August, 6 years after the death of Manuel Gutiérrez, secondary student assassinated by a cop who was shot with his submachine UZI to dissuade the massive protests that occurred in the population Jaime Eyzaguirre of the commune of Macul, Santiago, in the context of a two-day national strike, 25th and 26th August 2011, convened by workers and students, for the right to education.

The old state, desperate by the great rise of the class struggle that occurred from the days following 4th of August, gave the order to water the streets with popular blood to stop the growing popular rebellion.

Six years after the event, numerous commemorations, acts and protests were held, among them, an event convened at Cerro Santa Lucía by the Group of Victims of Police Violence, an organization born from this fact, and the traditional march convened by The Frente de Estudiantes Revolucionario y Popular, from Posta 4 (where Manuel died), to the Pedagógico.

The latter developed with great revolutionary imprint, beginning with a harangue by the conveners of the FERP and members of the People's Advocates, an organization of lawyers that supports the Victims' Association, that then gave way to musical performances by the masses and the "Comparsa Sin Cabeza" which prepared a routine of dance and music for the occasion.

At the beginning, the whole mass was determined to take to the streets, despite the strong police contingent waiting at every corner of Avenida Grecia, hoping to suppress the protest and to quell this popular cry.

Moving forward, the column of about 100 students and youths, some hooded and prepared to attack repression to defend the right to protest, were shouting "MANUEL, BROTHER, YOUR DEATH WAS NOT IN VAIN, THE PEOPLE ORGANIZE AGAINST THE OLD STATE", " SERVING THE PEOPLE WITH ALL HEART, SHOCK TROOPS OF THE REVOLUTION " and "WE ARE STUDENTS, WE ARE NO PACIFIST, LONG LIVE THE ANTI-IMPERIALIST FIGHT". Thus, opposing an iron organization, the Special Forces of Carabineros did not dare to repress.

Later, when walking through the passages bordering the Pedagógico, the neighbors came out to look impressed by the mobilization. Upon arriving at this, the combative column made its way by keeping the gates open, to go to the University's central lawn to make a musical act and give new harangues.

Then they called to arm themselves to go out into the street, cut Avenida Macul and attacked the repression immediately, the masses faced the Repression with Molotov bombs, stones, slings and wetruwes, fighting for about an hour and a half.

At the end, a group of comrades made a conclusion of the action and called to continue organizing and work for the Electoral Boycott

We share the images of the march organized by FERP:

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