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Firmly subject to the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty Gonzalo Thought to strive for the completion of the GRP!


Today we celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Peru by José Carlos Mariátegui on October 7, 1928. This year, the celebration is part of and serves the International Campaign for the Defence of Chairman Gonzalo’s Great Leadership and his Almighty Gonzalo Thought being carried out by the Maoist Parties and Organisations of the World.


The communists, revolutionaries and peoples of the world are mobilising powerfully and combatively in the different continents and countries highlighting the great deed of the sacrifice of one’s own life by Chairman Gonzalo (September 11, 2021), winning a great political, military and moral victory for Maoism, the Communist Party of Peru, the people’s war, the democratic revolution on the uninterrupted march to socialism and communism, for the class, for the Peruvian people and the peoples of the world, for the international communist movement. September 11 will be remembered by all the communists of the world for this great historical significance of universal scope.


With grandiose actions the proletariat and the peoples of the world take up in theory and practice the defence of the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty Gonzalo Thought. With ever increasing anger and the deepest class hatred they are demonstrating their crushing, condemnation and rejection of this horrendous and ignominious crime against Chairman Gonzalo committed on the orders of the head of US imperialism, the genocidal Biden and consummated by the president of the old Peruvian state Pedro Castillo Terrones with the service of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL). The reactionary government headed by opportunism with the participation of the rats of the ROL (Modavef) has covered itself with counterrevolutionary genocidal infamy showing its true fascist entrails as the new head of the regime inaugurated by Fujimori with the “self-coup of 1992”. On September 24, in an official act for the day of the reactionary army, the genocidal Castillo has justified the genocide committed by the Armed Forces of the old landlord-bureaucratic state, at the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, against the Peruvian people in the counterrevolutionary war since 1980 to date.


We reiterate, that the people and only the people with people’s war will apply due punishment for the immense and ignominious crime to all these miserable imperialists; reactionaries and traitorous rats of the ROL.


The heroic death of Chairman Gonzalo must serve to give a more powerful impulse to the still pending task of overcoming the complex and difficult situation into which the people’s war entered after his arrest and mainly because of the treason of the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist right opportunist line (ROL), which was structured in prisons with the help of the Yankee CIA and the Peruvian reaction, headed by the rat Miriam. ROL, which called to end the people’s war, that is, to betray the people’s war, to disown Chairman Gonzalo and Maoism and Gonzalo Thought, the BPU approved at the First Congress of the PCP, all in exchange for better prison conditions and to serve the plans of imperialism and reaction to destroy the Great Leadership of the party and Gonzalo Thought, serving the absolute and perpetual isolation of the Chairman. The rat Miriam, the head of the ROL, from the beginning has lent herself to trying to give “credibility” to the hoax of the CIA-Peruvian reaction-ROL “peace agreement”; it has been she, who with her “phone call”, with the video montages, the “poems” and the monstrosities, who has made possible the damage that the reactionary operatives have caused to the PCP and the people’s war; that rat will go down in history as the most sinister Lin Piao-style arch-traitor, the most filthy revisionist who tried in vain to liquidate the Party and the people’s war and ended up with her hands stained with the sacred blood of Chairman Gonzalo.


Chairman Gonzalo has paid his dues to serve the development of the people’s war demands, which demands the realization of the overdue task of the general reorganization of the Party by smashing the low-intensity counterrevolutionary war led by US imperialism and the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL.


As a revealing mirror of revisionism and to serve the task of the general reorganisation of the Party, in this celebration of the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the PCP, the heroic fighter leading the revolution, we transcribe below the outline on Problems of the History of the Party, as seen in the 1st Congress of the Party, that we have three moments in our process: that of the Constitution, Reconstitution and Leadership of the People’s War. Within these three parts of the party process, since it was founded by Mariátegui and its background, we take some problems:






We pose the following problems:


– struggle for the constitution of the Party.


We consider this point to be very important. First, our position that Mariátegui founded the Communist Party of Peru must be made clear; we reject that Ravinez founded it because historically it is not so, it was Mariátegui himself who proposed the change of name of the Party and that it be called the Communist Party of Peru, that was his proposal, only that he died and Mariátegui’s proposal was sanctioned in a party meeting after his death, that is the problem, but the Party was not founded by Ravinez, that is not true…


To make the struggle very clear, particularly the struggle waged against Haya de la Torre and his ideas of nascent aprismo. We are only interested in the struggle of Mariátegui against the criteria and positions of Haya de la Torre; more so now, because it is not only being said that there is a Haya-Mariateguism, even putting Haya ahead, not only that, some even claim that there is a Haya-Leninism, we cannot allow that. That is to say, it is a current, burning problem; what we want to deal with are problems that serve us, we do not want a history in which we inform ourselves, we want a weapon of struggle, that is why we deal with problems, that is the reason.



– Well, a second problem within this first question would be: the role of Mariátegui.


That is another question. It must be very clear that Mariátegui is the founder of the Party, what Mariátegui has done, what is Mariátegui’s role, especially because Mariátegui is being trafficked, or is he not?, we cannot consent, we cannot allow, then, that there is a PUM (Mariateguist Unified Party, translator’s note) that traffics. Then, it is a problem of the history of Marxism in Peru, of course; beyond that, it is a problem of the new ideas in Peru, is it not?, it is a problem of the class in Peru, it is not an unimportant thing, this must be very clear.



– Another problem: abandonment of the line and opportunism.


What do we want to see here? Not only that the line that Mariátegui established was made in struggle, but that his line was abandoned, it was denied and where did all this lead to: to opportunism. Scandalous examples: the bastard electoralism of ’39, the frentismo of ’45 when they said “the thesis that the elections should be used only as propaganda has expired, the program today is to win seats”, these are the textual words of the Party Secretary himself, Jorge Acosta. Why do we use this, why do we need this problem, what does abandoning a line imply, where does it lead to: historically our Party shows that it leads to opportunism, does it not?, that is the case. To abandon Marxism-Leninism and its application here in Peru -because Mariátegui made that and in a creative way, nobody can deny it-, to abandon that led to opportunism, it led to browderism, an antecedent of contemporary revisionism. So, it is a good lesson, is it not?, of course, our own history gives us great lessons.

These three problems we consider that we can deal with in the point concerning the Constitution, the first part.



II Reconstitution.


Here we have to deal with two problems:



– the struggle against contemporary revisionism


– the other problem: the reconstitution of the Party. The Communist Party of Peru.


Why we raise these two problems: it is linked to the above. To abandon the just and correct, Marxist-Leninist position of Mariátegui and its creative application in Peru, to abandon that line led to opportunism and we sank into the mire, to get out of it we had to wage a struggle against contemporary revisionism, is it linked to the above or not? Opportunism sinks us, to save ourselves we have to fight against revisionism; it is an easy lesson to understand, isn’t it? Just as the history of the Party shows that abandoning Marxism leads to sinking, it also tells us that by taking up Marxism and fighting revisionism we develop, we stand up again, we get out of the mire. That is the reason for this problem.


And the Reconstitution, and why do we underline the Communist Party of Peru?: because it must be clear that the Party exists: and it proves it because it has opened in reality, with weapons in hand, with a vigorous people’s war, the true and real road of the democratic revolution to conquer power. This is being demonstrated here, what the Chairman says when he analyses the experience of Russia, of the old Russia, of the Bolshevik Party, and the experience of China, of the C.P.Ch., comparing it with India; he says: “why is it that in the old Tsarist Russia there was revolution?: because there was a Party; why was there in China?: because there was a Party; why is there not in India when there are similar conditions to those in China?: because there is no Party”. So this is another key problem, not only for us communists, but also for the struggle in this country.






Here, deal with three problems:


– Initiation and development of the People’s War. The People’s Guerrilla Army and the New Power.


– Second problem: the Party and the current ideological dynamics. Combating revisionism as the principal danger


– Third problem: the task of the Party at present: to lead the conquest of power throughout the country.


These are three problems. Well, it is threaded with the previous: we have a Party. Having the Party, what did we do?, we initiated and developed the people’s war, without the Party there is no beginning and there is no people’s war; and the people’s war, what has it given us?, a People’s Guerrilla Army, otherwise such a war could not have been carried out; and it has given us something else, the New Power, we are solving the central problem of the revolution, we are demolishing the old order and generating the bases of what has to be the new in a brilliant perspective towards the future, that is another problem. This must be very clear.


The second, why are we dealing with it?, because the class struggle is sharpening, in the world the class struggle is intensifying, there is polarization, there is a great ideological struggle, it is going to develop, we are seeing how a revisionist offensive is developing once again, whether it is Albania, whether it is China as an imperialist power, whether it is the Soviet Union, an imperialist power or superpower that is competing for world hegemony; not only them, but also the imperialist powers, all of imperialism, all world reaction points against Marxism, points against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and makes claims that it has expired. All of this deals blows, it is what we call the current ideological dynamics and we have to confront it, and there is the key. What is it?: to combat revisionism as the principal danger, in the Party, in the country, in the world, against whoever it is then, power of the tenth order, it is all the same to us, whether it is social-imperialism, it is all the same to us, whoever it is that points against Marxism. Because the partners collude and fight for world hegemony, but they help each other to crush the revolution, they are dreaming. So, this problem is very important. Remember what we have said about differentiation, it is necessary, does it have to do with the rectification campaign?, of course it has to do with it. This prepares us, arms us, for what?, to fulfill the task that falls to the Party; what is that task?: our problem, then, is to lead the conquest of power in the whole country, to complete the democratic revolution and uninterruptedly pass on, then, to the socialist revolution and then, when the conditions are given, the great revolution or the proletarian cultural revolution will be expressed and will take place and then we will go on our way.


So, we are aiming at problems that are weapons to fight. That is what we need, not a simple document from which someone can read, get information, that does not interest us; what interests us is to arm ourselves with our own experience, with our own problems, to draw our own lessons, positive or negative, whatever it may be. So, that is how we understand this problem of history. On these questions we have discussed many times; but we want a brief, clear, understandable document, that the masses can handle, the proletariat, the people, obviously the communists, them first of all. Thinking about the type of militancy we have, what do we need today?: that the history of the Party with its problems be, then, one more weapon of struggle, that is the idea that guides us to raise this type of problems, they can be these or others.

These are the Problems of the History of the Party, in schematic form.


Firmly subject to the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty Gonzalo Thought and armed with the teachings of the history of the Party with its problems, following the luminous example of our Leader let us strive to culminate the general reorganization of the Party to give a powerful impulse to the People’s War in Peru serving the world proletarian revolution.


Eternal honor and glory to Chairman Gonzalo!


People’s war until communism!


Chairman Gonzalo lives in his almighty Gonzalo Thought!


Long live the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Peru!



Peru Peoples Movement

October 2021