We re-publish an international call for a day of action in support of the people's war in India, that was published on

As is so often the case, the vacation season brings chaotic conditions at German airports. This time, the lack of personnel is the cause.

As we were told, further actions for the popular uprising in Ecuador have been carried out in Wuppertal and Essen. We want to share here the pictures sent to us.

We publish pictures of a graffiti from Bremerhaven, which were sent to us.

We publish pictures of a graffiti from Bremen, which were sent to us.

In addition to the actions in other cities, paintings in solidarity with the uprising of the Ecuadorian people were also seen in Hamburg. We hereby publish photos of these actions that were sent to us.

The following pictures were sent to us. They were taken in Freiburg in the district Weingarten.

Since the 1950s, a memorial plaque has been emblazoned on the wall of the second floor of the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe. This plaque commemorates 34 members of the Reich Court and the Reich Prosecutor's Office who died in the prisoner-of-war camps Buchenwald and Mühlberg on the Elbe, which were run by the Soviet Union. The problem however is that these are lawyers and judges of the fascist German Reich ruled by the Nazis.