What sounds like silly superlatives has a serious background: the German state, and especially its repression or security agencies, are arming up. A TAGESSCHAU article reports how Berlin investigators failed to decrypt a smartphone access. Since the LKA couldn't find a way either, they turned to the comparatively newly created Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector (ZITiS) in Munich. This "hacker authority" was created in 2017 to provide high-level technical support to security apparatuses. This is also the case here.

Last week a newspaper called „Die Zeit“ published a series of articles on the topic of economic development and economic distribution within the FRG. In connection with this, they even published an essay entitled “The class is back.“ (like, we have to talk about classes again“, a long time it was normal to avoid the word “class” and talk about shift instead). What we take for granted is apparently a novelty for the bourgeois press. Why is this topic being taken up now of all times?New studies show what has already been stated in “Klassenstandpunkt 17”: The “middle-class” is shrinking and more and more parts of it are slipping into the ranks of the “precarious” and the “poor”. Reason enough to go into this topic again.

The comrades from the editorial team of Rote Post have sent us in advance the editorial of the February issue of the RoPo, which we have translated and would like to share here.

At February 19 was the first anniversary of the Hanau attack. In all parts of the FRGtook placecommemoration events. So is was in Wuppertal as well. A combative demonstration with over 300 people moved through Wuppertal-Barmen. The event was organized by an alliance of revolutionary and progressive forces, for example the Karawane which fight for justice in case of murder of Oury Jalloh.

In Baden-Württemberg  there will soon be state elections and as always, bourgeois parties will use this occasion to drown us with their election propaganda. They try to sell themselves with junk devoid of any content or just appeal that people have to vote in order to change something.

In the long series of entanglements between fascists and Berlin "security authorities" (DVD reported), another incident has occurred. Accompanied by the nice greeting "Dear AfD deputies, enclosed is an expert opinion of the Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution on the AfD Berlin", an internal document of the Verfassungsschutz (domestic intelligence) was forwarded to the right-wing party. The 43-page letter then also certifies the AfD's loyalty to the constitution and rejects its assessment as a suspicious case.

On January 11, the police in Singen arrested an 11-year-old Sinto without any justification and, according to the boy, also threatened murder in broken Romanes. Alone the act of arresting a child is illegal in Germany.

On Saturday, January 11, the young Sinto was checked in front of his home for no reason. There the officers found a small legal pocket knife and thereupon handcuffed him and took him to the police station, where he was stuck for an hour and could not even tell his family why he had disappeared.
The cops spoke to him in broken Romanes and said they knew his "gypsy" family. After that they said that the "Mulo" would come for him, which can be translated as death. This should leave no doubt as to the motivation of the act.

This is to be seen as part of the fact that the police are always trying to test the limits of what is socially acceptable and thus expand their possibilities. By terrorizing the children of our class, they want to intimidate the deepest and broadest masses, those who have the most reason to make revolution.
This time, although they have clearly acted against the law and, in addition, have gone so far as to cause an uproar in the bourgeois press, it cannot be expected that this behavior will be seriously punished by the state. The ruling class will probably not want to get rid of good henchmen.

The comrades of Rote Presse have informed us that issue 35 of the Rote Post is online. Furthermore, they have also informed us that after the latest issue reaches them, they will publish the respective previous issue. The latest updated issue can be found here.