With the start of this year's European men's soccer championship, temporary border controls were introduced at the German borders on the grounds of a particular risk situation. The CDU/CSU and the FDP are now calling for these controls to be continued after the end of the European Championships.

According to an upcoming sharpening of the law, it will be juristicial able to deport people without a German passport even more easily in future. The so-called "approval of terrorism" will be sufficient grounds for deportation. This approval includes comments or likes on social media.

Saturday 22 June, the Red League (Roter Bund) organized a street party in Bremerhaven's Goethe district. Thanks to the lively participation of the neighborhood's residents, the festival was successfully held jointly with the residents and quite a few of them actively lent a hand.


In the collective bargaining negotiations with its employees, the Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof retail group has made a proposal to the workers employed by it to reach an agreement. As is so often the case,, this proposal was in no way in the interests of the employees and was consequently rejected by them. A pay dispute at Galeria is now on the horizon.

The Palestine Alliance Hamburg has called for a manifestation in front of the French consulate in Hamburg on June 14 as part of the international week of action for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

In Saarland, the state government now wants to introduce a new law ordinance that will make it easier to introduce special weapon-free zones in public spaces. The reason for this is supposedly the fight against "knife crime", but let's take a closer look at this question.

Last week in Mannheim, an rally of Islamophobic chauvinists was attacked by a man with a knife. During the attack, several people were injured with the knife, including a police officer who subsequently died of his injuries in hospital.

We recently reported on the repression of the old Turkish state against the Partizan readers, who were arrested and partly tortured by the police in the context of the commemoration of the Communist leader Ibrahim Kaypakkaya in mid-May.

This wave of repression is now also continuing against the prisoners of the May Day demonstration.We wrote about the events on May Day in our brief overview of May Day worldwide:"42,000 police officers were sent onto the streets in Istanbul to brutally suppress the Turkish masses fighting on May Day. Fierce fighting broke out on Taksim Square, barricades were built, and the henchmen of the old state used rubber bullets and pepper spray. So far, countless people, including 6 Partizan readers, are still under arrest."