On Wednesday 30 March, the Red Women's Committee Bremen organised an lecture on the current situation in Wohlers Eichen. Wohlers Eichen is a housing complex with about 250 flats in the working class district of Oslebshausen in Bremen. The block has been under redevelopment for four years now and is one big construction site. There is rubble everywhere, cables and pipes are exposed, the basement rooms have no doors - the list of problems for the residents is long. Vonovia has already raised the rent twice since 2018, because they know well that the people in Wohlers Eichen don't have enough money to move away and are taking advantage of this situation without any hesitation. On top of that, the utility bills list a cleaning service that doesn't even exist, at least no one has ever seen it. The residents still have to pay for cleaning, even though they have been doing it themselves for years..

We publish an unofficial Bulgarian translation of the leaflet of the Red Women's Committee Bremen, which was sent to us.

Пролетарии от всички страни, обединете се!

Срещу прехвърлянето на разходите за войната върху работническата класа! За безплатен местен транспорт, премахване на данъка върху добавената стойност и разходи за електроенергия!

The Central Committee of the CPI(Maoist) released a document on occasion of the arrest of a member of its Central Committee, Comrade Kanchanda:



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 Red Salutes to 50th Anniversary Celebrations of TKP/ML 

When the media reports about the war in Ukraine, they almost always talk about crimes and atrocities committed by Russian imperialism. Regardless of whether there are specific incidents that are explained or whether there is just general talk about Russia's "war of extermination", the direction of the reporting is clear. The crimes committed by the Ukrainian military, however, are simply swept under the rug without further ado. Of course, they want to maintain the image of the "hero president".

In the past days there was street agitation against the imperialist war and armament in a working class neighbourhood of Bremen, where among other things a leaflet of the Red Women's Committee Bremen was distributed. We document photos of this, which were sent to us.

Following we document a international poster for the “International Days of Action” with the political prisoners and the people’s war in India.

We publish an unofficial Arabic translation of the current leaflet of the Red Women's Committee Bremen. 

!البروليتاريين من جميع البلدان ، اتحدوا

ضد تحميل تكاليف الحرب للطبقة العاملة! للنقل المحلي المجاني ، إلغاء ضريبة القيمة المضافة وتحمل تكاليف الكهرباء